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 Inner Life Coaching & Intensives

Connect inwardly to the parts of you that hold the stories accumulated from life experiences. These include traumas, transitions, grief and loss, epigenetic narratives, etc. The body remembers and weaves together story that can create intricate blockages to higher potentials. Think of me as an adventure guide as I skillfully ask reflective questions and hand you the tools that help YOU navigate this inner world into safety, building a new reality, inside and out

Coaching is aimed at forging new paths and networks of memory while safely discharging the old stories. Focus on whatever you need. You're the captain of this ship and I am just helping you access your own inner wisdom and GPS system, creating the shifts you need, some known and some unknown. 



Check below: 


I feel stuck.

I am most often comparing my life to others.

My life lives me, not the other way around.

"Meh," is my predominant reality.

I feel like I'm meant to live more fully.

My relationships are less than satisfying.

My triggers are often right at the surface.


So how many       did you mark?

Intensive 1:1 ~ 6days/6hours a day

Come to Black Mountain, NC for intensive work where we can include specialized kinesiology to get to the programming in the sub & unconscious mind. 

Fun fact: the first 7 years of your life you were in a theta brainwave pattern, which is a state of trance. Often as adults, there is only access to 5% of this material due to living out of the same patterns set up in these crucial developmental years. This is where muscle testing for the needle in the haystack of patterns and programs is so helpful. You also have the option of using the BAUD Unit, infared red-light therapy, I-Torus II technology, and/or the Z-APP-RIFE frequencies to support you.

Cost: 130/hour via Zoom

Intensive rate: $230 in person

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