*NOTE: The following testimonies are personal experiences and in no way are a guaranteed outcome. Each individual's body responds to energy kinesiology in their own way, following their individualized path.


"I worked with Becca for two months, every week for at least an hour. The shifts that have happened in my life, as a result, have been remarkable. She treated me as a unique human being and didn't use any cookie-cutter approaches. Some of the symptoms I was suffering from before working with Becca included: painful digestive issues, bouts of depression, paralyzing exhaustion, anxious energy, interrupted sleep, disorganization and confusion/brain fog, overeating, lack of focus and direction in my passions, inability to create or produce work I felt connected to, "split" thinking, or thinking thoughts that took me away from happiness, incapacitating, habitual beliefs such as, "life has to be hard", "it is not safe to be healthy", and "I will always live in lack". Some of the specialized energy work Becca used with me included goal balances, hormone balances, brain balances, freeing from generational burdens, spiritual & emotional corrections, neurotransmitter balances, and energy center balances (which my body liked the most). Throughout our sessions, the first shift I started to notice immediately was a change in my sleep and my focus. I slept like a baby the first night and most nights following an energy session and would wake up feeling refreshed, energized, happy and focused. As the work continued, a lot of shifts accumulated rapidly.


As the momentum built, I naturally began to nurture a lifestyle that supported the energy work, which included becoming more physically active, transitioning to a mostly vegan diet, juicing and cleansing, and meditating regularly. These are all lifestyle choices I struggled to maintain with ease (they always felt like hard work and stressful effort) and became experiences my body was fiercely drawn to. I naturally started to move away from things that felt hard, stressful, confusing or painful. Specifically, it no longer felt good to believe I had to live in lack, that life had to be hard, that I shouldn't be happy. I began to see money accumulate faster than I've ever accumulated it before. My digestive issues completely disappeared. I simplified my business, which freed me up to enjoy my clients even more. I felt calm, goal-oriented, and free to choose a life that was easy, joyful, playful and connected to my passions.


Becca told me that you really start to see people's true qualities emerge when the energy work takes hold and that was very true for me, as well. Not only was I experiencing all of these benefits that were lasting and sustaining, but I also started to feel the happiest with myself than I had ever felt before. And I knew it was true when one day, about 6 weeks into the work, I was chatting with an old friend and out of my mouth came the words, "I am the happiest I have ever been in my life". 



"I decided to try something totally foreign to me at the time - energetic kinesiology work.  I had a tingling down my arm that was not fixed through traditional physical therapy.  It was completely better within three weeks after Becca balanced the energy in my muscles.  In addition, the chakra balancing opened my mind to achieve a much greater sense of well being and spiritual connection to the world."


"At the end of our first session, I was in awe of how much better I truly felt. My posture was the thing that had my immediate attention, as it felt like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders and I could breathe normally again. My mind had seemed to clear up and I was able to focus on certain things without all other areas of my life creeping into my train of thought. Now, this type of modality can take many different avenues such as goal setting, healing from past issues, career development, and many more internal struggles that we all need help with. Becca is amazing.


This work has helped shape me into being a better individual and has helped me focus on areas of my life that I did not even know needed attention. Becca's bright spirit and calm demeanor are incredibly helpful and I do hope that many people get over their fears about this approach and try it out. Specialized Kinesiology helped change my life for the better. This is something that I can say with absolute certainty. I don’t have to say that I hope you will have a similar experience, because I know you will. So if you’re on the edge about trying something new, go for it, you will not regret it."